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FIRST PLACE                       Ken Call                          In The Moment                                       $3000
SECOND PLACE                  Steven Kuhlman             Carmichel’s                                              $2000
THIRD PLACE                      Chris Krupinski                Cuppa Lemon                                          $1000
MOWS BOD’S AWARD       Lynne Kroll                      Letter From The Edge                            $800
SPECIAL AWARD                Dean Mitchell                  Pieces of Tampa                                     $800
SPECIAL AWARD                Kelly Eddington               Menomorphosis Hot Flash                   $700
SPECIAL AWARD                Howard Kuo                     Sea of Dreams                                        $400
SPECIAL AWARD                Mark Bird                          St. James Court Fountain                     $300
SPECIAL AWARD                Peter Jablokow               Lots of Limbs No. 2                                 $300
SPECIAL AWARD                Rebecca Krutsinger        Morning Robe                                         $300
SPECIAL AWARD                Jerry Bowman                 Big Kahuna                                               $300
J S SARGENT AWARD        Ingrid Albrecht                On The Move                                           $250
SPECIAL AWARD                Fred Schollmeyer            Beach House                                            $250
HONORABLE MENTION    Lana Privitera                  Pink Day @ The Office                            $150
LOGAN AWARD                  Margaret Schneider      Oona’s Song                                              $150
AIRFLOAT AWARD             Alicia Farris                      Finest Selection                                        $150
QOR AWARD                      April Rimpo                      Faces                                                          $150
WINSOR NEWTON AW’D Fealing Lin                        Prague Impressions                                 $150
J. RICHESON AWARD        Toni Elkins                        Yellow Canary                                           $150
J. RICHESON AWARD        Jean Gill                            Lime in the Coconut                                 $100
J. RICHESON AWARD        John James                      Rope Bridge                                           $100
BLICK AWARD                    Cheryl Kellar                  Stepping Out                                             $100
BLICK AWARD                    Carol Brody                   Party Papers, Ribbons, Confetti              $100
BLICK AWARD                     Colleen Ferratier           Abstracted Blue                                         $100 
BLICK AWARD                     Page Burgess                Choir Sings the Blues                             $100  
BLICK AWARD                     Ann Pember                  Topaz                                                          $100
PRINCETON BRUSH AW’D      Hugh Greer              Big Yellow Autumn                                   $100 
PRINCETON BRUSH AW’D      Carole Hennessy     Moonlight                                                  $100

Missouri Watercolor Society

St. Louis, Missouri

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