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2017 International Juried & Judged Exhibition

April 3 - 27, 2017

St. Louis Central Library

Juror’s Statement, by John Salminen

I’d like to thank Daven Anderson and the Missouri Watercolor Society for allowing me to play a role in this outstanding exhibition.  The show represents an exemplary cross-section of the best in contemporary water-media painting.

When I juried, I looked for pieces that struck a balance between form (technique) and content (the subject).  Sometimes paintings that displayed an amazing degree of technical skill lacked the ability to capture my imagination.  Conversely, poorly executed paintings sometimes lacked credibility and the emotional impact of the subject was lost.  I looked at the paintings repeatedly before making any decisions.  I wanted to keep an open mind, looking at every painting as an expression of the artists’ interpretations of their world.  It was both fascinating and rewarding for me to share in the visions presented by the participants.  

I came away from this jurying experience with increased respect for the unique and insightful interpretations every entry brings to the world of water-media painting.  Congratulations to all who entered!



  • Ali Cavanaugh
    Ali Cavanaugh
    Brightness Burning on the Heart Within 1st Place, Best of Show $3000
  • Charles Rouse
    Charles Rouse
    ROAD WARRIORS 2nd Place, $1500
  • Ken Call
    Ken Call
    Red Suckers 3rd Place, $800
  • Dean Mitchell
    Dean Mitchell
    Casual Moments in Ybor City 'Papa' and Jo Tutt Award, $650
  • Judi Betts
    Judi Betts
    Hat Dance MOWS Board of Director's Award, $650
  • Antonio Masi
    Antonio Masi
    Highline John Singer Sargent Award, $400
  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson
    Obsession Winslow Homer Award, $400
  • Wilmer Anderson
    Wilmer Anderson
    Mendota Regatta Honorable Mention, $200
  • John Wilkison
    John Wilkison
    The Mask Honorable Mention, $200
  • Bee Tat Lim
    Bee Tat Lim
    Bread and Butter Honorable Mention, $200
  • Grace Haverty
    Grace Haverty
    Coastal Birds Honorable Mention, $200
  • Janice DiGirolamo
    Janice DiGirolamo
    Dolce Far Niente Honorable Mention, $200
  • Doris Davis-Glacken
    Doris Davis-Glacken
    Remembering Maine Cheap Joe's Award, $500
  • Matthew Bird
    Matthew Bird
    Heritage-Still-Life Daniel Smith Award, $300
  • Ryan Fox
    Ryan Fox
    Eh B.C. Airfloat Award, $150
  • Denny Bond
    Denny Bond
    Aplomb Holbein Award, $150
  • Robert Koch October
    Robert Koch October
  • Bill Bailey
    Bill Bailey
    High Noon Logan Award, $150
  • Carolyn Epperly
    Carolyn Epperly
    Pool Angel Golden Award, $100
  • Janet Doll
    Janet Doll
    Doing My Best Velham Award $100
  • Chris Krupinski
    Chris Krupinski
    Lemons and Grapes Leupke Family Award, $100
  • Elaine Nunnally
    Elaine Nunnally
    Ghost Rider Artmart Award, $100
  • Fealing Lin
    Fealing Lin
    Late After Chores Trekell Award, $100
  • Carolyn Wallace
    Carolyn Wallace
    Vanitas Still Life by Candlelight with Les Bourgeois Wine Trekell Award, $100
  • Rev. Michael Tang
    Rev. Michael Tang
    NYC-Morning Light Blick Award, $100
  • Karen Knutson
    Karen Knutson
    Exploring Color Blick Award, $100
  • Jimmy Maria
    Jimmy Maria
    Deus Ex Machina Blick Award, $100
  • Diane Schmidt
    Diane Schmidt
    Inevitable Shifts Holbein Award, $75
  • Del Roberts
    Del Roberts
    Final Solution - Child of The Holocaust BLICK Award, $50
  • Stephen Kuhlman
    Stephen Kuhlman
    Circle BLICK Award, $50
  • Nancy Stark
    Nancy Stark
    Yard Work Blick Award, $50
  • Laurie Goldstein Warren
    Laurie Goldstein Warren
    Jumping Dolphins Italian Glass Blick Award, $50


  • Ally Benbrook
    Ally Benbrook
  • April Rimpo
    April Rimpo
  • Betty Jameson
    Betty Jameson
  • Bob Mejer
    Bob Mejer
  • Bruce Thayer
    Bruce Thayer
  • Catherine Hillis
    Catherine Hillis
  • John Bayalis
    John Bayalis
  • Betty Concannon
    Betty Concannon
  • Rev. Mike Nichols
    Rev. Mike Nichols
  • Blake Donovan
    Blake Donovan
  • David Mack
    David Mack
  • DeEtta Silvestro
    DeEtta Silvestro
  • Diane Kietmeyer
    Diane Kietmeyer
  • Donna Witty
    Donna Witty
  • Dorrie Rifkin
    Dorrie Rifkin
  • Gordon West
    Gordon West
  • Elaine Daily Birnbaum
    Elaine Daily Birnbaum
  • Fumiyo Selner
    Fumiyo Selner
  • Gill Jean
    Gill Jean
  • Howard Eberle
    Howard Eberle
  • Hugh Greer
    Hugh Greer
  • Jac Tilton
    Jac Tilton
  • Janet Belich
    Janet Belich
  • John James
    John James
  • Jorge Leon
    Jorge Leon
  • Kenneth Holder
    Kenneth Holder
  • Kerk Hwang Lok
    Kerk Hwang Lok
  • Lynne Hardwick
    Lynne Hardwick
  • Marlin Rotach
    Marlin Rotach
  • Mary Lou Corn
    Mary Lou Corn
  • Page Burgess
    Page Burgess
  • Pat Cook
    Pat Cook
  • Patricia Dispenziere
    Patricia Dispenziere
  • Patricia Abraham
    Patricia Abraham
  • Peggy Bishop
    Peggy Bishop
  • Raymond Perez
    Raymond Perez
  • Robbie Laird
    Robbie Laird
  • Robin Avery
    Robin Avery
  • Roger Bowman
    Roger Bowman
  • Susan M. Stuller
    Susan M. Stuller
  • Tuva Stephens
    Tuva Stephens

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