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2024 Qingdao International Watercolor Grand Prix Exhibition

**Please read the below information and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Entry Form instructions...


Qingdao Daily Newspaper Group

Qingdao Daily Newspaper Group Affiliated Calligraphy and Painting Institute

Qingdao Laoshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau


California Watercolor Association

Illinois Watercolor Society

Missouri Watercolor Society

Kentucky Watercolor Society

Watercolor Artists of Sacramento Horizons

Canada International Watercolor Arts Society

Watercolor Artist  Magazine


Baohong Watercolor Paper (China)

Rockwell Art Supplies (Canada)

Owin Art (China)

Cixi Super Strong Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (China)


Weixing Guan (China)

Yi liu (China)

Dong Gao (China)

Herman Pekel (Australia)

Ken Call (United States)

Dongfeng Li (United States)


• April 28 Final day to receive the entries

May 5 Notification of accepted artists

June 5 Shipped paintings due

June 20 – July 5 Exhibition open for the public

June 22 Opening reception and awards 10-12 pm

July 6-10 Artworks shipped July 10


Best of Show $3000

Second Place $2000

Third Place $1500

Purchase Award (2) $1200

Fourth Place (2) $800

Fifth Place (2) $500

Excellence Award (15) $250

Honorable Award (10) $100

Artist Level Supply Awards (10) $150 value

• All accepted artists will be presented with a

certificate and a beautiful printed exhibition catalog.


Open to all artists, ages 18 and over

Fees: $45 for one entry only

Entry artworks must be original

Artworks could have been painted anytime.

Artwork completed in a workshop or under supervision is ineligible. Artwork using

photographs other than the artists’ own is not considered original. Source

material must be original and not derived from published images. Paintings

submitted, but not exactly the same as entered images, will be disqualified.


Paintings must be water media on paper or Yupo.

No canvas or canvas board

No collage will be accepted

Minimum image size is 10”x14” and maximum size is no bigger than 40” in any direction

Paintings must be for sale. The artist will receive 70%

Artists will be responsible for the insurance during the international shipping

NOTE: No frame for any entries. If your work is accepted into this exhibition, host

organization will frame all accepted entries.

The shipping and framing information will be in the acceptance notice.

Selected artists will ship his/her painting rolled in a tube.

Any size tube is OK.

According to Dongfeng framing in China should be in the $40/45 range.

As with exhibitions here, you will need to place prepaid return postage/shipping label with your painting.   


E-mail your entry form (last page of this entry call) and image to the three E-mail addresses below:

• Mail entry checks payable to MOWS who will forward 100% of entry fees to Dongfeng Li/China.

     Mail checks to:  MOWS  c/o Daven Anderson  4400 Lindell Blvd  #23N  St. Louis, MO  63108

I also accept PayPal (be certain that you use FRIENDS & FAMILY so that I receive the full $45) I will transfer the funds to the special Qingdao account setup for the exhibition)

(for any questions, contact Dongfeng Li at or Daven Anderson

Entry fees are nonrefundable

***Use JPEG or JPG files only. Minimum size: 1200x1800 pixels (4x6). 300 dpi required for catalog publication purposes. 

Images will be printed in the catalog. Color rendition must be accurate

Images must not show any frame, matting or background space.

Each image must have artist’s last name, and title to coincide with the entry form. Name

images with first four letters of last name, and name of painting

i.e.: Smit1Lilies.jpg


June 10th – June 25rd (approx.) A painting tour of selected historic sights in China for approximately 25 of the selected artists & spouses will be held.

It will be a relaxing tour (no rushed early mornings) including 4 nights/5 days on a boat sailing the Yangtze River

The river cruise will feature daily side trips to important sites along the river and morning workshops/demonstrations.  The tour price will include air from selected US cities to/from Beijing.

The emphasis will be on a relaxing sightseeing/painting tour ending in Qingdao a few days prior to the Grand Opening of the exhibition and a few days after of workshops before departing for Beijing and a flight to the States.  The full agenda and pricing will be announced approximately May 1st

June 18 - 28 A team of world-renowned artists will teach a 10-day plein air workshop

in Qingdao. The workshop includes local painting tours to a fishing village,

historical sites and city landmark scenes. There will be academic seminars

and critiques held during the workshops. The participants will also enjoy

the local food and sightseeing during the stay.

 PLEASE NOTE that a Watercolor Artist magazine editor will participate the event and cover the entire event in a feature article in Watercolor Artist magazine.  

It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of this exhibition and Watercolor Artist participation in it. 

June 20 2024 Qingdao International Watercolor Exhibition Grand Opening will be

hosted in Laoshan Exhibition Center and the exhibition will have more

than 250 paintings from the world on display.


Weixing Guan (China)

Yi Liu (China)

Dong Gao (China)

Herman Pekel (Australia)

Tim Wilmot (England)

Eugen Chisnicean (Moldova)

Evghenia Salalis (Moldova)

Gary Tucker (United States)

Dongfeng Li (United States)

2024 Qingdao International Watercolor

Grand Prix Exhibition

Entry Form

*REQUIRED: Complete this form with your signature. Make two copies of the form and attach one on the back of the painting  Email the form to both of the above email addresses.

Title of the Painting:

Artist’s Name:

Size of the Painting:

Price: $


Resident Address:

VALUE for insurance $

Artist Signature:

    Missouri Watercolor Society

    St. Louis, Missouri

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