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2015 International Exhibition

Judge's Statement

Thank you for inviting me to jury the Missouri Watercolor Society Exhibition. It was a privilege and an honor for me to jury this prominent & highly respected exhibition. 

I looked at design, technique, style and subject matter but I tried to be equally sensitive to content and concept.  I believe this is an excellent and diverse exhibit with art pieces that are imaginative and innovative and depict the diversity of the entrants in subject and style.

Congratulations to all who were selected for this exhibition. I believe it is a remarkable, unified exhibition representing the wide range of excellent work submitted and the vast variety of styles.

Thank you to all who make this wonderful exhibition possible. 

Again Congratulations to All!

Linda A Doll, AWS, NWS


  • John Bayalis
    John Bayalis
  • George Schoonover
    George Schoonover
  • Kerk Hwang Lok
    Kerk Hwang Lok
  • Dean Mitchell
    Dean Mitchell
  • Llang Gang
    Llang Gang
  • Iain Stewart
    Iain Stewart
  • Cheng-Khee Chee
    Cheng-Khee Chee
  • Chris Krupinski
    Chris Krupinski
  • Denny Bond
    Denny Bond
  • Bee Tet Lim
    Bee Tet Lim
  • Natalie Smythe
    Natalie Smythe
  • Steve Morris
    Steve Morris
  • Kitty Burri
    Kitty Burri
  • Laurie Goldstein-Warren
    Laurie Goldstein-Warren
  • Kate Worman-Becker
    Kate Worman-Becker
  • Carrie Waller
    Carrie Waller
  • Michael Holter
    Michael Holter
  • Richard Sneary
    Richard Sneary
  • Soon Warren
    Soon Warren
  • Mike Bailey
    Mike Bailey
  • Janet Belich
    Janet Belich
  • Janeta Dutton
    Janeta Dutton
  • Jayson Yeoh
    Jayson Yeoh
  • Denice Ducote
    Denice Ducote
  • Bev Jozwiak
    Bev Jozwiak
  • Gloria Baker
    Gloria Baker

 1 Place, Best of Show     $3000   John Baylis    1 Place, Best of Show     $3000   John Baylis    

1st Place, Best of Show     $3000   John Baylis    The Visitor

2nd Place    George Schoonover    $750   Waiting for the Uptown

3rd Place    Kerk Hwang Lok   $500   Morning Song No. 6

‘Papa’ and Jo Tutt Award    Dean Mitchell   $400   Dia De Los Muertos

John Singer Sargent Award

Donated by Brad Layton   $250   Liang Gang   Coffee Bar in Paris

University of Missouri St. Louis

Dept. of Art and Art History   $250   Iain Stewart   Coden Shipworks

Honorable Mention Award   $250   Cheng-Khee Chee   Duluth Marina

Honorable Mention Award   $250   Chris Krupinski    Starry, Starry Fruit

Museum Aquarelle Award   Merch./$518   Denny Bond   Pumping Iron

Windsor Newton Award   Merch/$500   Bee Tet Lim   Fishing Village No. 36

M. Graham Award   Merch/$300   Natalie Smythe   Mood Indigo

MOWS Anonymous Member   Merch/$260   Steve Morris   Avian Condominium

Logan Graphic Products Award   Merch/$250   Kitty Burri   Ovation

Cheap Joe’s Award   Merch/$250   Laurie Goldstein-Warren 

The Kiss, redux

Dick Blick/Utrecht Award  Merch/$230  Kate Worman-Becker  Better Get Crackin

Artmart Award   Merch/$225   Carrie Waller   Going Green 

Daniel Smith Award  Merch/$175  Michael Holter   Newsie

Airfloat Award   Gift Cert/$150   Richard Sneary    Carrie

Guerilla Painter Award   Gift Cert/$150   Soon Warren   Wintershadow

Dick Blick Award    Merch/$120    Mike Bailey   Line Dance

Savoir Faire: Fabriano & Raphael Award    Merch/$120    Janet Belich        

   Frosty Breakfast

Anonymous Member Award   $100  Janet Dutton  Saddle at Dawn

Guerilla Painter Award   Gift Cert/$100   Jayson Yeoh  

Accumulate #85

Dick Blick Award    Gift Cert/$50    Denice Ducote    Connected

Dick Blick Award   Gift Cert/$50    Bev Jozwiak   Heritage and Bangles

Guerilla Painter Award     Gift Cert/$50   Gloria Baker    Mission of Peace

Missouri Watercolor Society

St. Louis, Missouri

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