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Juror’s Statement

Missouri Watercolor Society 2019 International Exhibition

I offer greetings and congratulations to all the artists who entered this prestigious exhibition.   It is indeed an honor to have been chosen to select and judge this show!    I must say, however, that it was a daunting task to select the best pieces from such a large body of outstanding paintings.   It truly was, at times, a ‘hair pulling’ decision making process!

Most everyone asks about  selection criteria and the reasoning behind the choices.   I am a design “nerd !”   Design is always the driving first thing which presses me include or exclude any painting into, or out of, an exhibition.   Content, or message, or story in a painting will set me thinking in ways that a simply “beautiful” painting would not.  The message is very important.

There is an overriding condition, which appears in a few paintings, which holds enormous power . . .and that is creativity.   This aspect shows how the artist thinks and exposes the artist’s audacity, authenticity and freedom.   It, therefore, carries a lot of weight. . . .at times as much, or more, than content.

Lastly, expert technique counts for little.   That is to say that a well designed painting that exhibits strong content and / or exemplary creativity will win out over poor technique.

As an aside, I must admit to sometimes allowing personal taste to enter into the above reasons for judgment.   While I try to prevent taste from entering the decision making, my humanness may, at times, unexplainably enter into the final reasoning.

To those artists who did not make the cut, you have my sincere empathy while I encourage you to continue reaching for higher levels of artistic achievement.   I know rejection can be painful.   It can also be the stimulus needed to advance aesthetically.   So, press onward and continue entering; it is very much worth your efforts!


M.E. “Mike” Bailey, AWS / NWS


1stPlace, Best of Show     $3000  Denny Bond

2ndPlace  $2000   Ken Call

3rdPlace  $1000   Jerry Bowman

‘Papa’ and Jo Tutt Award   $500   Dean Mitchell

MOWS Board of Director’s Award   $400   Chris Krupinski

John Singer Sargent Award    $250 Paul Jackson

Winslow Homer Award  $250  DeEtta Silvestro

Special Award  $200   Anne Abgott

Special Award  $200   Bev Jozwiak

Special Award  $200   Susanna Span

Special Award  $200   Carole Hennessy

Special Award $200   Grace Haverty

Special Award $200   Chuck Rouse

Princeton Brush Special Award   $250 Gift Certiificate  Barbara DiMartini

Princeton Brush Special Award   $250 Gift Certificate  Vicki Nelson

Princeton Brush Special Award  $250 Gift Certificate  Elaine Nunnally

Blick Special Award  $200 Gift Certificate  Matthew Bird

Winsor Newton Special Award  $166 Merchandise  Karen Knutson

Jack Richeson ($150)& Golden QOR Award  ($50)  Bruce Bobick

Blick ($150)& Artmart ($50) Award  Jean Gill

Airfloat ($150)& Portable Painter ($50)Award  Sue Johnston

Logan ($150)& Velham ($50)Award   Fred Schollmeyer

Royal Talens Rembrandt ($150) & Portable Painter ($50)Award   Denise Athanas

Jack Richeson ($125)& Portable Painter ($50)Award    William Hook

Princeton Elite Brush Award ($150)  Catherine Hearding

Princeton Elite Brush Award ($150)  Howard Kuo

Pinceton Elite Brush Award ($150)  Susan Stuller

Princeton Elite Brush Award ($150)  Peggy Zalucha

Princeton Elite Brush Award ($150)  Gary Mealer

Princeton Elite Brush Award ($150)  Christine Misencik-Bunn

Princeton Elite Brush Award ($150) Lyudmila Tomova

Princeton Elite Brush Award ($150)   Bob Mejer

Princeton Elite Brush Award ($150)  Marilynne Bradley

Princeton Elite Brush Award ($150)  Peggi Habets

Golden/QOR ($100) & Artmart Award  ($50)  Ali Cavanaugh  

Jack Richeson ($100)& Trekell ($100)Award   George Schoonover

Blick ($100)& Velham ($75)& Portable Painter ($35)Award    Jerry Ellis

Missouri Watercolor Society

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