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2016 International Exhibition 

Judge's Statement  

First, I want to thank the Missouri Watercolor Society for the invitation to judge the awards for the 2016 International Exhibition, and second, I want to congratulate each and every one of the selected artists. The exhibition includes an impressive array of subjects, approaches, and techniques to the art of watercolor painting, and it was not an easy task to settle on the awards within such a strong field. I found the range from controlled density to a beautiful use of negative space evident in many of the submissions particularly impressive. Also noteworthy is the range of textures deployed by the artists, which often also echoes or otherwise responds to the subject matter.

My criteria for judging the awards included first of all, being drawn to the individual works, and then being rewarded by returning to them many times. A winner first had to stand out among its peers in the show, but I also wanted to be able to imagine it holding its own in a different context. I wanted the awards to incorporate the broad range of techniques and subjects that is so evident in the submissions, so the winners include representational and abstract compositions, densely layered pictures as well as works that exemplify the power of transparency, large and small paintings, urban scenes, forest views, still-lifes, portraits, and more.

The beauty of any exhibition is that every visitor will have a different experience, and respond in his or her own way. As a judge of the awards, I can only hope that I have provided a handful of artists with some small validation of their hard and sustained work, and that visitors to the show will have some food for thought—or perhaps argument—as they enjoy the exhibition, I hope as much as I have.

Elizabeth Wyckoff



Winner's Carousel

  • Dongfeng Li
    Dongfeng Li
    Girls on a Date 1st Place, Best of Show $3000
  • Shirley Kleppe
    Shirley Kleppe
    Breathless Reds 2nd Place $800
  • Charles Rouse
    Charles Rouse
    Hallal Guys 3rd Place $500
  • Robert Lee Mejer
    Robert Lee Mejer
    Sublime 'Papa' and Jo Tutt Award $400
  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson
    Nautilas MOWS Board of Director's Award $300
  • David Mack
    David Mack
    St. Bernadette John Singer Srgt. Award $250
  • Elizabeth Concannon
    Elizabeth Concannon
    Genome Series MOW President's Award $250
  • Kent Addison
    Kent Addison
    Monarch Honorable Mention $200
  • Ken Call
    Ken Call
    Lost and Found Honorable Mention $200
  • Judi Coffey
    Judi Coffey
    5PM New York Honorable Mention
  • Jayson Yeoh
    Jayson Yeoh
    Indefinate Relevance Honorable Mention $200
  • Norma Herring
    Norma Herring
    Golden Slippers Honorable Mention $200
  • Donna Witty
    Donna Witty
    Available Seating Museum Aquarelle Award $781
  • Laurie Goldstein Warren
    Laurie Goldstein Warren
    Reflections NYC BLICK Utrecht WC Paint Box $572
  • Carolyn Epperly
    Carolyn Epperly
    Reflecting Daler Rowney Set $325
  • Lynne Hardwich
    Lynne Hardwich
    Kazakh XXIII BLICK French Easel $390
  • Elaine Nunnally
    Elaine Nunnally
    S Curve in Purple M. Graham Watercolors $300
  • Toni Elkins
    Toni Elkins
    Pick Up Sticks DANIEL SMITH Quidacridone Set $270
  • Michael Holter
    Michael Holter
    Cherokee Blood ARTMART Watercolors and Brush $200
  • Barbara Martin Smith
    Barbara Martin Smith
    Byorklunden Logan Elite Mat Cutter $190
  • Howard Kuo
    Howard Kuo
    Hog’s Hill Windsor Newton Watercolor Set $166
  • Stephen Bates
    Stephen Bates
    Waterways AIRFLOAT Gift Certificate $150
  • Lana Cease
    Lana Cease
    Alluring SAVOIR FAIRE Watercolors & Brushes $150
  • Judi Betts
    Judi Betts
    Hidden Treasure Guerrilla Painter Gift Certificate $100
  • Denny Bond
    Denny Bond
    Duplicated Guerrilla Painter Gift Certificate $75
  • Fred Schollmeyer
    Fred Schollmeyer
    Long Ago and Far Away Guerrilla Painter Gift Certificate $75
  • David Boggs
    David Boggs
    Filigree Spirits Guerrilla Painter Gift Certificate $50
  • Susan Gibson
    Susan Gibson
    Rainbow Guerrilla Painter Gift Certificate $50
  • Cheng Khee Chee
    Cheng Khee Chee
    Koi 2016 #2 BLICK Gift Certificate $50
  • Don Taylor
    Don Taylor
    Window to the Heavens BLICK Gift Certificate $50

Accepted Artists Carousel

  • Terry Lay
    Terry Lay
  • Sy Ellens
    Sy Ellens
  • Susan Stuller
    Susan Stuller
  • Ryan Fox
    Ryan Fox
  • Richard Sneary
    Richard Sneary
  • Orlanda Kuether
    Orlanda Kuether
  • Jerry Bowman
    Jerry Bowman
  • Hazel Stone
    Hazel Stone
  • Carole Hennessy
    Carole Hennessy
  • Janine Helton
    Janine Helton
  • Mary Spellings
    Mary Spellings
  • Marilyn Johansen
    Marilyn Johansen
  • Marilyn Bradley
    Marilyn Bradley
  • Lynne Kroll
    Lynne Kroll
  • Margaret Schneider
    Margaret Schneider
  • Kelly Eddington
    Kelly Eddington
  • Kathryn Burri
    Kathryn Burri
  • John Grinstead
    John Grinstead
  • Jan Ross
    Jan Ross
  • James Brauer
    James Brauer
  • Howrad Eberle
    Howrad Eberle
  • Diane Halley
    Diane Halley
  • Denise Athanas
    Denise Athanas
  • Denice Cyrex Ducote
    Denice Cyrex Ducote
  • Debbie Reed
    Debbie Reed
  • Dean Mitchell
    Dean Mitchell
  • Christine Alfery
    Christine Alfery
  • Chris Krupinski
    Chris Krupinski
  • Charlotte Huntley
    Charlotte Huntley
  • Betty Jamison
    Betty Jamison
  • Ardythe Jolliff
    Ardythe Jolliff
  • Ann Pember
    Ann Pember
  • April Rimpo
    April Rimpo
  • Jean Gill
    Jean Gill
  • Diane Schmidt
    Diane Schmidt
  • Diane Shabino
    Diane Shabino
  • John James
    John James
  • Brenda Beck Fisher
    Brenda Beck Fisher

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