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Advertising Information for Watercolor Studio:

We are making available a limited amount of advertising space in Watercolor Studio. To take advantage of this opportunity, please contact Daven Anderson by phone at 314-241-2339 or by email at davenaanderson@gmail.com. All rates for display ads are per insertion. Ad design, if desired, is included in price of first ad. Payment for ads is due before publication of each issue. Contact Daven Anderson for details.

Business card sized ad $25 (3"x 2")
¼ page ad $50 (2" x 5")
½ page ad $75 (4" x 5")

Because of our nonprofit status, no more than 10% of Watercolor Studio may be taken up by paid advertising. For this reason, the above ad sizes are relatively small.

Art Y'all Format:

MoWS members may submit their art accomplishments to be included in the "Art Y'all" member news section of Watercolor Studio. Please note that we do not include workshops - to advertise your workshop, you must purchase an ad - see rates above. Email your accomplishments in paragraph form to laura@laurakingstudio, taking care to follow the Art Y'all format below. We receive many submissions, and it is much less time consuming to compile them when artists use the format. Thank you!

For awards and exhibitions, the format is:
Award won (if any)
Name of show
Name of sponsoring organization
For honors in print, the format is:
Name of magazine, book or other media
Title of article (if applicable)
Issue date
For organizational honors (NEW signature status, etc.) the format is:
Name of organization
Honor bestowed

Please note that we do not include names of paintings, dates of shows, or names of jurors due to limited space.

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