Missouri Water Color Society

This slide show is made up of a random sampling of images from the Spring MOWS Members' Online Exhibition, which runs February-April, 2014.

  • Blue Mountain Lake
    Blue Mountain Lake
    Barbara Martin Smith
  • Florida Flowers
    Florida Flowers
  • Girl
    George Beronja
  • Main Street Barrel
    Main Street Barrel
    Shirley Nachtrieb
  • Hear the Music
    Hear the Music
    Tuva Stephens
  • Jack... In the Box
    Jack... In the Box
    Marlin Rotach
  • Kinetic Voyage
    Kinetic Voyage
    Tuva Stephens
  • The Water Sings
    The Water Sings
    Christine Alfery
  • Moonlit
    Rita Branstetter
  • Ever Hopeful
    Ever Hopeful
    Marsha Harris
  • Party Time 6
    Party Time 6
    Sandy Marson
  • Three Sand Crabs Along the Beach
    Three Sand Crabs Along the Beach
    Christine Alfery
  • Migration Patterns
    Migration Patterns
    Christine Alfery
  • Hollyhocks
    Barbara Neth
  • Mist Rising
    Mist Rising
    Barbara Martin Smith
  • Party Time 5
    Party Time 5
    Sandy Marson
  • Moose River
    Moose River
    Barbara Martin Smith
  • Hong Kong Virtual (thanks to Google Maps)
    Hong Kong Virtual (thanks to Google Maps)
    Carolyn Owen Sommer
  • Back Entrance
    Back Entrance
    Shirley Nachtrieb
  • Good Morning
    Good Morning
    Kim Shinn
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