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    1.    Federation of Canadian Artist. The Vancouver Salon Show. June 2021
    2.    First Place:  St. Andrew’s New Roof
    3.    Federation of Canadian Artists. 365 Calendar online show (April 2022 calendar) Show was June 2021)
    4.    Honorable Mention: Working Wet
    5.    Sooke Fine Arts Show Award of Excellence Cash Award (placing second to Best In show award) 


      1.    ISEA (International Society of Experimental Artists...Merit Award and receipt of ISEA letters to use after my name 2021
      2.    Illinois Watercolor Society National Competition...Evelyn Ecale Schultz Creative Spirit Award 2021
      3.    American Watercolor Society 154th Annual International Exhibition  Painting Accepted into the Traveling Exhibition 2021
      4.    International Signature American Water Media Exhibition...Painting accepted into the exhibition 2021
      5.    National Watercolor Society, Members Exhibition 2021……Painting accepted into exhibition
      6.    Fabriano in Acquarello, invited watercolor artist to be a part of the International Watercolor Exhibition in Fabriano, Italy 2021
      7.     Episode #133    Pod Cast Interview of Ingrid Albrecht’s artistic journey from past to present 2021  

            1. American Watercolor Society 154th Annual International Exhibition
            2. Salmagundi Club – juried in as an Artist Member
            3. Watercolor International 5 (Thessaloniki, Greece)– invited to exhibit with 149 other International Artists
            4. Kentucky Watercolor Society – AQUEOUS 2021
            5. Solo Exhibition of 59 paintings in watercolor and oil at the US's oldest gallery, McCaughan & Burr (founded 1840)

        PHIL BABB

        1.    Accepted “Pin Men” Missouri Watercolor Society 2021 International Exhibit.
        2.    Finalist selection “Coffee Break” RIcheson 75 Competition Exhibit: Figure/Portrait 2021.
        3.    Meritorious selection “Korean War Veterans” RIcheson 75 Competition Exhibit: Figure/Portrait 2021.
        4.    Accepted “Beside Oneself” National Watercolor Society  International Open Exhibition 2021.
        5.    04/2021 Achieved signature National Watercolor Society. 2019, 2020, 2021.
        6.    Accepted “Baggage” American Watercolor Society Annual International Exhibition 2021


        I focused on plein air events this year and won a purchase award at Paint Parkville in Parkville, MO and also at the Tonganxie Plein Air Festival in Tonganoxie, KS.


        1.    Watercolor USA, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO, 2021.
        2.    Carnegie Center Annual Open Competition, Honorable Mention, Three Rivers, MI, 2021.

        3.    Attained Signature Status in the Michigan Watercolor Society 

        4.    Who’s Who in American Art

        CHRIS BUNN 
        1.    Selfie" won Honorable Mention in the Artist Network Watermedia Showcase published in Spring 2021 issue of Watercolor Artist.
        2.    "In the Moment" won 2nd in the PWS 42nd Annual Juried Exhibition
        3.    "Distancing" won the Gold in the KWS Aqueous USA 2021 
        4.    "Determined" won Honorable Mention in Splash 23 The Best of Watercolor, juried by Mary Whyte
        5.    "Ponderance" Was listed as a special award, $250. 
        1.    1st place in the Annual San Diego County Archaeological Society art show Fine Art division,    
        2.    2nd, 3rd and HM in East County Art Association online shows. 

        3.    Multiple juried in entries in SDWS member shows and open Plein Air show (Zbukvic).

        1.    Painting accepted at 51th California Watercolor Association National Exhibition, shown at CWA online gallery from January 9 through February 27, 2021.
        2.    Painting accepted at International Juried Exhibition of Missouri Watercolor Society, shown in MOWS new gallery at St. Louis, Missouri from August 27 to October 2.
        3.    Painting accepted into 45th International Exhibition of North East Watercolor Society, shown at the Gallery at Kent Art Association from October 10 to October 24.
        4.    Awarded North East Watercolor Society Signature Member
        5.    Painting accepted at JIWI International Watercolor Exhibition, Japan, shown on YouTube from November 10, 2021.
        6.    Painting was given the “Top 200 Merit Award” by the International Watercolor Master out of 3725 entries.


        1.    Illinois Watercolor Society- Charles Strissel Memorial Award

        2.    National Watercolor Society International- Virginia Bacon Memorial plus combined Merchandise Award.

        3.    Missouri Watercolor Society- Honorable Award

        4.    Adirondack National Exhibition of American Watercolors- Karen and Gary Lee Award

        5.    Rocky Mountain National Watermedia-Rome Chelsi Award

        6.    Workshop- April 11-13/2022 followed by Demo on April 14


        Workshops. 4 Saturdays in March 2022 (5,12,19,26) at the Bonnets House Museum and Gardens in Ft Lauderdale, FL. 

        Topics: light and color

        1. painting forms in warm and cool light,  

        2. creating color vibrations,

        3. how to make colors glow 

        4. creating luminous paintings.

        JANET DOLL
        1.    40th Adirondacks National Exhibition – Tea Time
        2.    Illinois Watercolor Society 37th National Exhibition – Big Bag of Beans.  
        3.    Tea Time was also chosen as a finalist in the Richeson 75 International Art Competition and Big Bag of Beans made the meritorious list. 

        4.    My painting Name Your Poison was included in The Art of Watercolor 40th Issue’s Readers Competition. 

        FRANK EBER
        1.    Missouri Watercolor Society 2021 International Exhibition: 3rd Place
        2.    American Impressionist society, 2021 National Exhibition, William Schultz Memorial Award in Oil
        3.    41st San Diego International Watercolor Exhibition, Mijello Award 

        1.    American Watercolor Society 154th Annual International Exhibition
        2.    Transparent Watercolor Society of America 45th Annual Exhibition
        3.    Watercolor USA 2021
        4.    MOWS- Airfloat Award
        5.    Allied Artist of America 108th Annual Exhibition
        6.    2021 FabrianoIn Acquarello, Fabriano, Italy (Invitational)
        7.    Watercolor International 5, Thessaloniki Greece

        1.    I received my “MASTER NAUTILUS FELLOWSHIP” in International Society of Experimental Artists. 
        2.    I also won The Dillman’s Creative Art Workshop Award in Northstar Watercolor Society. 
        3.    I won 3rd Place in The Watercolor Society of Alabama’s National Online exhibit 2021.


        I was juried into the Cape Cod Cultural Center’s Digital show “Pandemic”. 
        Southern Watercolor, Louisiana Watercolor, Illinois Watercolor, Watercolor USA, Southwestern Watercolor, Women in Watercolor, Missouri Watercolor, Northwest Watercolor and American Artists Professional League, Grand National Exhibition.   She received awards for her work with SWS, Augusta Plein Air, Women in Watercolor, MOWS, and the NYC Grand National Exhibition. 

        Alicia was also published in Watercolor Artist Magazine for her article about painting on Yupo called, "Let it Flow". Alicia will be teaching online twice through Cheap Joe's in 2022 as well as for the Southwestern Watercolor Society in Dallas.  She will demonstrate for the St. Louis Watercolor Society in March and will hold local workshops in Springfield, MO as well as in St. Charles, MO.  Please see her website for dates and details.


        Four works accepted by the Miller Art Museum in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin for its permanent collection 

        1.    Two of my painting images were chosen by the Hannibal Board of Public Works, Hannibal Arts Council and the Hannibal Area Chamber of Commerce as part of Hannibal’s newest public art partnership called ART: OUT OF THE BOX! The two pieces were “Clearly, Its Me Snorkeling” and “Hummingbird and Pink Flowers.” 
        2.    I received the HNB Bank-Excellence Award for my painting, “Southern Roots.” 

        I achieved Signature Status last year (2021) in four more watercolor societies as follows:

        Missouri (MOWS), Western Federation (WFWS), Houston (WAS-H), and Red River (RRWS).  I also won multiple awards including the third place "Bronze Award" at the RRWS National Exhibition.

        1.    St. Louis Watercolor Society (Juried Show) May 1, 2021 Award of Recognition "New York City Street Scene"
        2.    St. Louis Watercolor Society 2021 "Big Splash" Award of Recognition "Harvest"
        3.    Achieved Missouri Watercolor Society Signature Membership
        1.    My painting “Clearly Appleing” being accepted into the Missouri Watercolor Society’s International Exhibit. 2. 
        2.    I achieved Signature Status for Missouri Watercolor Society.

        1.    Southern Watercolor 2021, Bronze Award
        2.    Kentucky Watercolor, 12th place award
        3.    Several rejections and non-awards (why not be honest?), including my annual rejection from AWS
        4.    One-man show, 30 pieces, Summer (A Walk in the Parks: Plein Air and Studio work from 6 National Parks art residencies, 2014-2019): Customs House Museum, Clarksville, TN
        5.    One-man show, WKNO (NPR affiliate) Gallery 1091 (virtual due to pandemic): Celebrating Our National Parks


        1.    Signature American Watermedia International Exhibition,  Fallbrook, CA Watercolor
        2.    USA Exhibition, Springfield, MO
        3.    51st Mid Southern Watercolorists Exhibition, Hot Springs, AR
        4.    Ft. Smith RAM Exhibition, Ft. Smith, AR
        5.    Georgia Watercolor Society’s National Exhibition, Carrollton, GA
        6.    Woodwalk Galleries “Beautiful Possibilities” Exhibition, Egg Harbor WI
        7.    Pikes Peak Watercolor International Exhibition, Colorado Springs, CO
        8.    Green Mountain Watercolor Exhibition, Waitsfield, VT
        9.    American Watercolor Society Members Show, NYC
        10.Southwestern Watercolor Society’s annual Members Exhibition, Allen, TX
        11.Kentucky Watercolor Society’s Exhibition, Lexington, KY
        12.Walton Art Center’s Artist Exhibition, Fayetteville, AR


        1.    1st Place AWS Associate Exhibition 
        2.    2nd Place CWA member exhibition
        3.    art on display, Friedman Memorial Airport 
        4.    Guest artist, CWA monthly meeting, August
        5.    Exhibiting in MOWS, WW,  Fallbrook Annuals 


        ​Featured artist at the Cole Gallery in Edmonds, Washington for the month of Sept. 
        Show at the Aurora Gallery in Vancouver, Washington for the month of Oct. 
        Featured artist at Dragonfire Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon in Nov. for their Stormy Weather Festival.
        Article in "The Art of Watercolour" magazine Feb. of 21: Dancing with Light and Color
        Featured in Watercolor Artist magazine, in their burning question series. 
        My painting "Oh, the colors I see" accepted into "Best of Acrylic" Peak Media premier magazine
        My painting "Stand Tall" was accepted into Best of Watercolor "Splash" magazine, and won an HM
        "The Destroyer" was accepted and won an award in the 2nd Annual Women in Watercolor show. 
        Missouri 2021 International received 2nd place. 
        Won the Lehmann Memorial award for the painting "Lost time is never sold" in the TWSA show
        "Circle Games" was accepted into the NWWS 81st Annual International Open exhibition 
        CWA national won a reciprocal award.
        Earn my Master status with Louisiana Watercolor Society, and took 1st place for my painting "stand tall" 
        My painting "Waiting to Dance" was accepted into WW International juried Exhibition, and won a memorial award
        Accepted into IWE-Houston with the painting "Rose colored glasses". 
        And Lastly, I served as one of the jurors of selection for the 2021 National Watercolor Society exhibition. 
        1.     Mid-Southern Watercolorists Annual Exhibit (award)
        2.     International Society of Experimental Artists Annual Juried Exhibit
        3.     The Idle Class Magazine cover and article, Winter 2021-22
        Solo Exhibitions
        Oct 2021       The Joe Center for the Arts, Port St. Joe, FL
        Sep 2021       Panama City Center for the Arts, Panama City, FL

        Group Exhibitions

        Nov 2021      Watercolor Society of Alabama, June 2021, 2020, 2019

        Aug 2021      Georgia Watercolor Society Exhibition, National, Previous Years: 2020, 2018

        Aug 2021      Kentucky Watercolor Society (KWS) Previous Years: 2021, 2020, 2019

        Aug 2021      Georgia Watercolor Society Members Show (GWS), Previous Years: 2020, 2018

        Jul 2021         Art in Gadsden: Regional Exhibition of Fine Art, Gadsden Arts Center & Museum, Quincy, FL. Previous Years:  2020 to 2008.        

        May 2021     Illinois Watercolor Society (IWS)

        May 2021     Tri-State, Tallahassee Watercolor Society (TaWS), Tallahassee, FL. Previous Years: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2013, 2012. 

        May 2021     Panama City Center for the Arts, Bay Annual Competition & Exhibition, Panama City, FL. Previous Years:  2019, 2018, 2014 to 2011.


        Nov 2021      Honorable Mention, Watercolor Society of Alabama, National Showcase 2022, “Crucian Carnival Series XXIII”

        May 2021     1st Award of Excellence, Tri-State, TaWS, “Phoenix Rising”

        Mar 2021      2nd Place Cash Award, Kentucky Watercolor Society, AquaVenture “Queen Agnes – Crucian Carnival Series

        1.     The Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Members Online Show
        2.     Aquaventure 2021 Kentucky Watercolor Online
        3.     National Watercolor Society Members Exhibition Online
        4.     Watercolor Society of Alabama National Online Showcase
        5.     Illinois Watercolor Society National Show
        6.     Watercolor Society of Alabama 80th National Exhibition
        7.     Missouri Watercolor Society 2021 International Exhibition
        8.     Art of the Heartland 2021, Mena, Arkansas
        9.     Southwestern Watercolor Society 58th Annual Membership Exhibition
        10.   Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 42nd Annual International 
        11.   Exhibition Online
        12.   National Watercolor Society 101st International Open Exhibition
        13.   California Watercolor Association Members Show, Autumn Color


        1.     I received an Award of Merit in the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society 
        2.     Signature status for Florida Watercolor Society after my 3rd painting was juried in. 
        3.     I also received signature status with National Watercolor Society. 
        4.     My first accepted painting into the IOE exhibition allowed me to submit 3 more paintings….and I got in!! It was quite a year for me!


        1.     Georgia Watercolor Society 2021 42nd National Exhibition
        2.     Society of Watercolor Artists 2021 International Exhibition
        3.     St. Louis Watercolor Society 2021 Juried Exhibition
        4.     American Watercolor Society 2021 Associate Members Exhibition
        5.     San Diego 2021 41st International Exhibition
        6.     Georgia Watercolor Society 2021 Members Exhibition
        7.     Montana Watercolor Society 2021 Watermedia Exhibition 
        8.     Missouri Watercolor Society 2021 International Exhibition
        9.     NorthStar Watermedia Society 2021 National Juried Art Exhibition
        10.   Vermont Watercolor Society 2021 Fall Exhibition
        11.   Philadelphia Watercolor Society's 121st Anniversary International Exhibition of Works on Paper
        12.   Society of Watercolor Artists 2021 Juried Members Exhibition 
        13.   Northwest Watercolor Society 2021 81st International Open Exhibition
        14.   Mark Arts National Watercolor Exhibition
        15.   Attained Signature Status with CNYWS, MOWS, NWWS and SWA 

        HOWARD KUO

        1.     Missouri Art Now: A Bicentennial Celebration.  60 Missouri artists were selected to the show to celebrate the 200th birthday of Missouri.  The Best Landscape Award.  
        2.     Illinois Watercolor Society 2021 annual show.
        3.     Achievement Award, Hannibal Art Center 2021 annual show.

        4.     Purchase Award: Missouri Professional Top 50, State Fair of 2021.


        1.     IWM (International Watercolor Masters) 2022 Contest Finalist Highly Commended 
        2.     American Watercolor Society Associate Members Exhibition 


        1.     June 9, 2021, invited judge for the Steelville Arts Council Annual Plein Air Event, Steelville, MO,
        2.     September 17-19, 2021, MOSAICS Fine Art Festival, 2021 Award of Recognition, Main Street St. Charles, St. Charles, MO  63303


        1.     St. Louis Watercolor Society 21st Annual Juried Show, 2nd Place
        2.     Arts Council of Southeast Missouri Juried Exhibition, Best of Show, Painting sold.
        3.     SWA 2021 International Juried Exhibition 
        4.     Pittsburgh Watercolor Society 47th Annual Aqueous Open International.
        5.     Rocky Mountain National Watermedia, Guiry’s, Inc. Award, Painting sold.
        6.     Missouri Watercolor Society 2021 International Awards, Special Award
        7.     Mark Arts, Kansas International Exhibition, Honorable Mention, Painting sold.
        8.     Received Signature Membership in the National Watercolor Society
        9.     Work accepted in Splash 23 publication


        1.    MOWS International Juried Exhibition
        2.    MOWS signature membership status
        Texas Watercolor Society Award
        3.    Three paintings accepted to the National Society of Artists National Juried Show
        4.    entered in December Watercolor Art Society of Houston IWE, just got notified that I was accepted
        5.    Canadian Pastel Society International Exhibition, Montreal
        6.    Galveston Art League, two juried shows: two first place awards in watercolor
        7.    Texas City Art Festival, honorable mention, watercolor
        8.    Finalist Jack Richeson Portrait Show, full page in catalogue, a bound book
        accepted into the Fallbrook Signature Membership Show in CA
        9.    Portrait Society of America self-portrait online fund raiser
        10.Pastel Society of American online monthly member show with a self-portrait
        11.juried into Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Show 


        3rd place PAINT WEBSTER award winner


        1.     First Place in the Philadelphia Watercolor Society Member Show, 
        2.     First Place in the Academic Artists Association 71st Annual Exhibition of Traditional Realism, 
        3.     Award of Excellence at the Northeast Watercolor Society Member Show, 
        4.     Award for Best use of Color in the Philadelphia International Exhibition and 
        5.     Finalist in the Richeson 75 Still Life 2021 Competition.

        6.     Lana's watercolors were also invited to participate in the prestigious "Fabriano in Acquarello" (Italy) and "Watercolor International 5", in Thessaloniki, (Greece).


        1.     “Treasure Seeking” accepted into the Southern Watercolor Society’s 44th annual exhibit in Quincy, FL.
        2.     “In the Middle of the Marsh” was accepted into the Kentucky Watercolor Society‘s Aqueous USA 2021 show in Lexington, KY, where it received the Claudia M. George Memorial Award. 
        1.     St. Louis Watercolor Society: Membership Show. 3rd place ‘ My Final Bow’
        2.     3rd place Award of Recognition ‘Love Me’
        3.     St. Louis Watercolor Society: Big Splash 
        4.     3rd place ‘Sunbathing’
        5.     St. Louis Watercolor Society: Became a Signature Member. 

        JAN ROSS

        1.     Currently, Jan's work was selected for a One-Woman Exhibition titled, 'People, Places and Things' in the 'Milliken Gallery' on the Campus of Converse University, Spartansburg, S.C. The exhibit will be displayed from 2/10 to 3/10/22. The Milliken Gallery selects only  6 artists per year for display. 40 works will be on display.
        2.     The Rhode Island Watercolor Society's Online National Juried Exhibition, 'Celebrating Color', awarded Jan an 'Honorable Mention' for her painting, 'Caribbean Queen'. The RIWS is located in Pawtucket, RI  (2022)
        3.     'What Comes Next', is included in the Worldwide Competition featuring Children during this time with Covid-19. All selected works are featured in the book, 'Children'. This book has been distributed to 180 countries.(2021)
        4.     Jan's painting, 'Another Elder' received an Honorable Mention in the 'Indigenous' National Juried Exhibition at the' Contemporary Gallery of Northern Waters, Watersmeet,  MI (2021)
        5.     Flagler County Art League's National Competition titled, 'On a High Note', awarded Jan's painting 'Singing Her Song', an Award of Merit. The gallery is located in Palm Coast, FL (2021)
        6.     The Red River Watercolor Society awarded Jan an 'Honorable Mention' in their National First Online Member Juried Show. The RRWS is located in Moorshead, MN (2021)
        7.     Indiana University accepted Jan's painting, 'A Sign of the Times' in their National Juried Competition. Works were displayed in the Downtown Gallery, Kokomo, IN (2021)
        8.     A video interview for the Southeastern USA  of Jan, by the Native Island explaining the inspirations for her 5 paintings selected by the 'Gullah's 25th Anniversary Celebration',  at the Art League of Hilton Head Gallery.
        1.     (2021) The gallery is located on Hilton Head Island, S.C.
        9.     Jan's paintings, 'Poultry Gothic, Whistler's Mother's Chicken and Sam's Uncle' were accepted in the Kavanaugh Gallery's National Juried Exhibition titled 'Fanciful Expressions'. This exhibit was displayed in the Fine Line Creative Art Center, St. Charles, IL (2021)
        10.  The Edward Dixon Gallery located in Dayton, OH selected Jan's painting, 'Flower Girls' for their 'Joy (This is Just What I Needed!) National Juried online Exhibition. (2021).
        11.  Watercolor Society of Hawaii online national juried exhibition accepted two works 



        1.    Splash 22- The Best of Watercolors

        2.    Acrylic 8 - The Best of Acrylics

        1.    1st - Art Center Manatee “ Inspirations”
        2.    2nd – Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society
        3.    M. Graham & Co. Award-Northwest Watercolor Society
        4.    Merit Award-Signature American International Watermedia Exhibit
        5.    Award of Distinction- Sanford Art Festival
        6.    Award of Merit-Mayfaire-by-the-Lake Art Festival
        7.    Marie E. Spalding Memorial Award- Hudson Valley Art Association
        8.    Honorable Mention-Women in Watercolor
        9.    Honorable Mention-Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society Spring Exhibit


        1.    Signature Member - Missouri Watercolor Society. 
        2.    I teach at 4 Galleries 
        3.    Lagrange Art Gallery. in Lagrange 
        4.    McCord Gallery.... In Palos Township 
        5.    Vogt Gallery... in Tinley Park 
        6.    Naperville Art Gallery.... in Naperville 


        1.    46th Transparent Watercolor Society - Lucille Dragovan Memorial Award -"Phantom COVID II"
        2.    51st Mid-Southern Watercolorist Silver Award-"Steve Reminiscing"
        3.    Signature American Watermedia - Cash Award-"The Movement of Life"
        4.    2nd Women in Watercolorist International Finalist -"Steve Reminiscing
        5.    80th Watercolor Society of Alabama - Signature Gold Status; Patron Fine Art Award - "Let It Be"
        6.    44th Southern Watercolor Society - Merchandise Award -"Divine Journey" 
        7.    Missouri Watercolor International - 4th place -"Steve Reminiscing"
        WSA Online-3rd place Members Online-"My Tribute"
        8.    Gibson County Visual Arts Association National- Best of Show -"Soul Soothing Sounds"


        Annie Strack won Best of Show in the Miami Watercolor Society 48th National Juried Show, 2nd place in the Georgia Watercolor Society Annual Juried Members Show, Honorable Mention in the Alaska Watercolor Society 47th National Exhibit, Merit Award in the Arizona Watercolor Society Annual Juried Members Show, Merit Award in the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society International Biennial, and Merit Award in the Hawaii Watercolor Society Annual National Juried Show.

        She also had paintings juried into the Philadelphia Watercolor Society 121st International Show, Illinois Watercolor Society 37th International Exhibit, Mid Southern Watercolor Society 52nd National Exhibit, North Star Watercolor Society 7th National Juried Show, Northeast Watercolor Society 45th International Juried Show, Fallbrook’s 13th National Watercolor Signature Exhibit, Western Colorado Watercolor Society 31st National Exhibit, and Garden State Watercolor Society 51st Juried Open Exhibit. 

        She earned Signature Status in AKWS, WCWS, PPWS, PWCS and MSW.

        She is featured in the December/January issue of Southwest Art magazine as a top award finalist in their annual Artistic Excellence competition.

        Annie Strack has been invited by the Sennelier company to lead two 10-day workshops in Brittany, France, in June, 2022. There is still one space available in the June 22 – July 1 trip. The artists will be treated with art supplies and tours of the Sennelier and Raphael companies by Artistic Director Yves-Marie Salanson, in addition to touring and painting at local landmarks along the Brittany coast. The price is 3800 euros and includes everything except for airfare.


        1.    Baltimore Watercolor Society Exhibition Edward Longley Memorial Award

        2.    Women in Watercolor Finalist

        3.    Virginia Watercolor Exhibition Award of Excellence

        4.    Kentucky Watercolor Aqueous Exhibition Honorable Mention

        5.    Southern Watercolor Exhibition Silver Medal


        1. After Kandinsky  # 11:   was accepted into the ART IN THE TIME OF CORONA™ | A GLOBAL ART PROJECT

        2. was juried in and exhibited in “Isolation Chronicles’ sponsored by Art Placer at ArtNXTlevel. 

        3. Arriving was exhibited at the Elmhurst Artists’ Guild summer exhibit and garnered an honorable mention, at the Elmhurst Art Museum

        4. Renewing was juried in and exhibited at the 40th Annual Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors in New York

        5. was juried in and exhibited at “Dovetail Envisioning” in St Louis, Missouri; it was also juried in and exhibited in the “Engaging Frida - A Juried Art Exhibition “ at the Elmhurst Art Museum in Elmhurst IL.

        6.   was also juried in and exhibited in the “Engaging Frida - A Juried Art Exhibition “at the Elmhurst Art Museum in Elmhurst IL.

        7. :   was exhibited at the Illinois Watercolor Society Membership Show 2021

        8.' ' '  was exhibited at the Elmhurst Artists’ Guild Fall exhibit at the Elmhurst Art Museum

        9. was exhibited at the Danada Art and Photography Exhibition in Wheaton IL.

        10. was exhibited at the Elmhurst Artists’ Guild Winter Exhibit and garnered a 1st place at the Elmhurst Art Museum in Elmhurst IL.

        DON TAYLOR

        "Angles, Arches and Light" won the Leila Gardin Sawyer Memorial Award in the Watercolor category of the 93rd Grand National Exhibit of the American Artists Professional League at the Salmagundi Club in NYC.


        1.    American Watercolor Society 2021 Associate Members Online Exhibition
        2.    California Watercolor Association 52th National Exhibition 
        3.    Missouri Watercolor Society 2021International Exhibition QOR Honorable Mention Award (got my 4th signature member)
        4.    Northwest Watercolor Society 81st annual International Open Exhibition
        5.    Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 42nd International Juried Online Exhibition 
        6.    Southwestern Watercolor Society 58th Annual Member Exhibition Edgar A. Whitney Award (got my 3rd signature member)
        7.    Watercolor West  53th International Juried Online Exhibition  
        8.    12th Signature American International Watermedia Exhibition


        1.    JULY:  Honorable Mention Award for DOOR AT SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO 
        2.    NOVEMBER: Honorable Mention Award for FLOWER POWER III 
        3.    DECEMBER: Second Price Award for WINDOW AT ROSENDAL II
        4.    The paintings that got accepted through the year of 2021 at SDWS is as follows:
        5.    JANUARY: Window At Barony Of Rosendal & Door At San Juan Capistrano 
        6.    FEBRUARY: Romancing The Stones
        7.    MARCH: To Dream The Impossible Dream & Listen To Your Heart 
        8.    APRIL: A Dream of Sunshine 
        9.    MAY:   Spring Flowers 
        10.JULY:  Window At Rosendal & Door At San Juan Capistrano 
        11.AUGUST:  Dreaming of a Rosegarden 
        12.SEPTEMBER: Window At Rosendal III
        14.NOVEMBER: Flower Power III
        15.DECEMBER: Window At Rosendal II 


        1.    2021 – Fallbrook Signature Exhibition 2022 – “Pajaro Cypress”

        2.    2021 – California Watercolor Association – National Exhibition - “Boy on the Beach”

        3.    2021 – California Watercolor Association – Member Show – “Boy on the Beach” 2nd Place

        4.    2021 – Fallbrook Signature Exhibition – “Treasure Hunt”

        5.    2021 Master Signature Member, California Watercolor Association – 

        JIAN WU

        1.    2021 NWS 101st International Open Exhibition Need to track down the award title

        2.    NWS 2021 Member Exhibition Past President Milford Zornes Award

        3.    12th Water Media Show Case Third place

        4.    The 154th Annual International Exhibition of the American Watercolor Society Diana Kan, Paul and Sing Si Schwartz Memorial Award

        5.    San Diego Watercolor Society 41st International Exhibition Need to track down the award title

        Missouri Watercolor Society

        St. Louis, Missouri

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